#2 Measure Customer SatisfactionWhat you don't measure you can't improve

Most reviews are from people who are very upset

If you don’t ask EVERYONE what they think, you’ll chase problems from people who will likely never come back anyway, and miss what’s important.

What’s wrong with your business?

The last thing anyone wants to do is fill out a review. But, if you make it easy and convenient, you’re more likely to get them to do it. The trick is that you want EVERY patient/customer walking through the door to tell you what they think. You’ll never get 100% of them, but if you can get most you’ll have a very good idea how your business will do in the future. Getting patients/customers once is not as difficult as getting them to come back.

For example, if your waiting room or receptionist area looks like a train wreck, your chairs are stained and uncomfortable, your staff look like they just rolled out of bed and barely made it to work, or your phones ring unanswered, you have problems. As someone who most likely also works IN the business rather than ON the business, it’s hard for a small business owner or physician to catch these things, let alone fix them. Who will tell you immediately? The people paying YOU. All you have to do is ask.

Asking EVERY person who walks into your office is important because you want your results to be accurate. You don’t want to simply react to every person who yells or screams the loudest about something. If they’re rude and treat your staff horribly, you actually should tell them to never come back. But, many people will give you honest advice and an honest opinion because they probably like coming to your office for one reason or another, and would like the experience to be just a little better.

In summary: get opinions from people who are paying you for your services. Get as many as possible as often as possible. Not only will your staff immediately start behaving differently, but everyone coming into your office will notice when you make subtle improvements.

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