#1 Find the Right PeopleAnd keep them happy

Hire the right people, and keep them happy.

And the rest? Give them the tools to improve. Replace them if they cannot.

As a business owner, you’re responsible for supporting your team while they steer the ship

Everyone needs a purpose. It doesn’t matter if they are a receptionist, manager, or owner of the business. Small businesses struggle with hiring the right team and motivating them.
The more money someone makes, the more important it is for them to feel like they are spending their days doing something meaningful.
On the contrary, the less money someone makes, the more important every dollar is to them. Most small businesses have a mix of both. Of course, a fair paycheck gets most people out of bed in the morning…to a point. Everyone needs to pay their bills. But day in and day out, if someone feels like their contributions are meaningless, they will start the long and dark death spiral of motivation. We can help you motivate your staff.
Once someone no longer feels like they are making any kind of contribution other than keeping a chair warm every day, they’re lost.
It’s nearly impossible for them to recover. Chances are, their resume is already posted and they’re spending more time searching for a new job than doing actual work. Who’s to blame?
Creating performance goals that are measurable at all levels of the company is vital.
Paying people when they meet or exceed those goals encourages positive behavior and motivates. Need help making this happen sometime BEFORE retirement age? Get in touch with our team. So this begs the question, how do you know who the right people are in the first place?
Ay, there’s the rub! – Hamlet
The short answer; their performance and attitude. Just keep in mind that you cannot reward what you don’t measure.

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