Disaster Planning and Business Continuity

Predicting disasters is impossible. But in Houston, major disasters have become so common that every business must be ready. 100 year floods seem to happen every 2 years. Now with COVID-19, working remotely became mandatory for most. 

On Point for Business has been working with small businesses in Houston since the times of Hurricane Ike, dealing with the power outages that affected so many.

We’ve supported our clients through countless power outages, violent storms, hurricanes, floods, and now a pandemic. It’s business as usual as far as we’re concerned. 

With a small investment, any office can create off-site backups of critical information and install redundant connections to their networks. Cloud-hosted networks are of course much easier to keep running, but the cost can become substantial over time. 

We can help plan for the craziest of disasters. We will work with you to determine which systems are critical and which if any can be allowed to fail if we need to stay as cost effective as possible. 

Reach out so we can get started. 


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