Remote Computer Support

For our remote computer support clients, we make it easy to ask for help. By adding a simple shortcut to your desktop, our team can be reached with a few clicks. 

Often within minutes, problems are resolved and your team gets back to work. 

Of course, it’s our goal to help prevent simple problems from becoming larger problems with regular maintenance of your account, but we understand the need to stick to a budget. 

With some software, we are able to maintain a lot of networks remotely and efficiently, which translates to tremendous cost savings for you. 

When needed, we will come to your location and do what’s necessary to get your team back to work. 

All of our long-term clients really appreciate our IT support showing up regularly, especially our medical offices. Downtime stops clinic in it’s tracks, and no patients can be seen. Our regular clients have nearly 100% uptime, for years, especially when we are able to add the needed redundancies for internet and network connectivity. 

Law firms and dental offices have similar up-time requirements, which we can appreciate and achieve. 

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