Working From Home?

Working from home is possible with the right tools. As On Point for Business, LLC for help.

We all have run into one kink or another while trying to merge our personal and professional lives. As a father of a toddler and recent teenage foster daughter, my family has experienced no shortage of challenges making this work.  

Advice? Invest in good Wi-Fi coverage around your home so you are assured to be able to take a Zoom® or WebEx® call from the deepest corner of your house, or from your car in the garage!  

No amount of preparation will prevent the dog from barking when the FedEx or UPS driver randomly arrives while you are hosting a conference call. Locking yourself in your car with your laptop, where else but on your….lap, is one of the only sure fire ways to keep your toddler from randomly screaming. Paw Patrol, Shrek, Grinch (even though it’s summer), and Spirit can only go so far. You need a respite.  

Since this does not seem to be going away anytime soon, small and large businesses have had to figure out how to help their team stay connected. Add a toddler to the mix and things get complicated quick.

We all need to limit the time we spend working together in office spaces. Forward-thinking companies are making it as easy as possible for their teams to do their jobs from home so they can stay safe and productive.  

If only we had an affordable nanny service staffed by incredibly friendly people who self-quarantine every time they leave!


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